Welcome to the jungle – more on Wellington’s roads

Last week I spoke to a friend who had travelled into the city from Wellington Airport to get to the Guns N’ Roses concert.

He told me it took him two hours – yes, two hours – to get from the airport to the railway station.

That is simply appalling for a small city like Wellington.

Yes, by international standards Wellington is a small city. It does not have the volume of traffic as Auckland, yet it has the congestion of a large city.

And Wellington City Council is pushing for an extension to the airport.

As I said in my article on infrastructure, Wellington is in no position to build this extension.

We simply don’t have the roading infrastructure or capacity to cope with the additional traffic. It would be an appalling piece of city planning.

The night of the Guns N’ Roses concert proved that one.

Finally, I went in to Wellington on a Saturday morning and was stunned at the congestion in the middle of the city. What a mess! Lucky I know where to park!