Labour’s Failures Over the Last Six Years

As we get closer to the election, it is timely to list some of Labour’s failures over the last six years. You may ask why I am focussing on Labour’s failures and not also on National’s failures from when they were in power before Labour?  While a fair question, it is irrelevant because in the last three years Labour has become the worst government in living memory. I have voted for Labour in the past, but Labour is no longer a party for the working class. It is a woke, identity riddled party that is trying to trash democracy and the economy at the same time.

Below is a list of some of Labour’s failings while being in government, as listed in an article published by Alex Holland (Bassett, Brash & Hide): in NZ Politics Daily: 7 September 2023. It took me 26 minutes to read the article and I did not even finish it because it was too long.  A friend counted 45 points before he stopped reading the article. Admittedly, the article drifted away from just stating the facts and at times slipped into hyperbole, so I will attempt to stick to some basic facts.

I have limited this list to two and half pages:

  • 30,000 more people on surgery wait list than when Labour came into power.
  • 25,000 on Kāinga Ora’s wait list currently without a house, tripling in size since Labour came into power.
  • In 2016, retail crime was 25,000 per year, in the 3 months to the end of April 2023, there were 45,046 retail crimes reported (equates to 180,000 per year) = a 620% increase. 70% of the crimes are not even being reported. In 2016, police attended 1 in every 2 crimes compared to only 1 in 10 now. In 2016 the arrests were 20 times higher, now the arrests are only 2.3% meaning that over 97% get away with it. Police retail crimes unit only has 8 staff.
  • Labour introduced state funding of pre-sentencing reports to reduce criminal sentences.
  • 2023: NZ hospitals are short of 7136 full time workers; Auckland alone needs 1128.
  • August 2023: The IMF now forecasts NZ will have the second worst economic growth in the world next year, just edging out Equatorial Guinea (which has been ripped apart by civil war).
  • August 2023: There are 50 accused of homicide & 70 accused of kidnapping or abduction who are out in the community on bail with ankle bracelets; which can be wrapped in tin foil to bypass the monitoring allowing them to freely roam around the public.
  • NZ total net wealth has been falling for five successive quarters – having peaked in December 2021 at $2.43 trillion.
  • Announced in 2017 the promise by Labour to build 100,000 homes – by September 2023 only 1834 built, or 1.8% of that promised. At this rate it would take Labour 332 years to hit their own target.
  • Net debt has gone from $5.4 billion in 2019, to $78.7 billion in 2023 (1357% increase).
  • Labour has taken away all healthcare targets. Every single healthcare metric has gone backwards in the last five years, even though Labour has increased healthcare spending by 68%.
  • Tax take in 2017 was $69 billion, now it is $107 billion, an increase of $38 billion in tax every year = over $100 million in extra tax every single day! That is $17,500 in extra tax per household each year.
  • Ram-raids on retailers have soared under Labour, with a more than 500 per cent increase within the first six months of 2022 compared to the same period in 2018. 2022 = 516 ram raids. 2023 = 400 in first 6 months therefore tracking for 800.
  • 211,00 kids living in benefit dependent homes, which is 39,000 more kids than when Labour’s government began 6 years ago.
  • Labour government has increased consultant spending from $900 million the previous year to $1.25 billion this year – a massive 33% increase, even after Labour increased public service employees by 50,000 since Labour took office.
  • Burglaries crime stats: 49% under 18 years old, 51% of those did not face court action. 112 between 0-17 arrested received a family group conference – that’s it. Most was just a formal or informal warning. 94 didn’t receive any consequence whatsoever.
  • IMFs 2023 outlook forecasts New Zealand will have one of the lowest GDP growth rates and one of the highest inflation rates in the Asia Pacific region in the coming years. In their projections for GDP, NZ’s current account balance is reported as -8.6 percent of GDP, worse than Greece’s at -8.0 percent, in 2023. NZ was one of the best GDP performing countries in the world, now we are bottom half of advanced countries in the world with the worst current account deficit of all of them.
  • Core Crown Revenue since 2017 is up 334% (never taxed us more), while Core Crown Expenses has gone up 596% (day to day expenses which do not build physical assets for the Crown), net Core Crown Debt has gone up 482% (borrowing).
  • April 2023: The number of households in emergency accommodation for more than 2 years has doubled in the last year. Over 20,000 looking for help with housing. Now at 65,000 state houses. 3 weeks was the average time in emergency accommodation in 2018, 2022 = 21 weeks, March 2023 = 26 weeks.
  • In February 2022, Kāinga Ora announced new policies to deal with the worst offenders, including a termination option if three serious incidents were recorded within a 90-day period. In the 18 months since the measures were announced, only three people have been kicked out of Kāinga Ora properties even though there have been more than 10,000 complaints.

Finally, on page 12 of this exhaustive list, Alex Holland finishes with this blast.  Many of the items he lists here, I have written about previously, but not so emotively. What Holland is saying in his emotive tone reflects the deep mistrust and anger that sits below the surface in New Zealand. I might not agree with his tone, but I understand his frustration and hurt. That may sound wokish, but that is why a sad division has appeared in New Zealand. Sadly, MSM has tried desperately, and incorrectly, to play down or even misrepresent this ill-feeling as that driven by the extreme element of our society. Or even taint them as conspiracy theorists, when in fact, many New Zealanders quietly seethe with anger. That is reflected in my discussions with friends, whether they are on the left or right of the political spectrum, and that is an indictment of what has happened in New Zealand over the last three years at least.

  • Labour deliberately left their hidden agenda out of the last election campaign and prevented the public having any say or vote on them; including co-governance, He Puapua, officially backing & rolling out the unofficial Te Tiriti o Waitangi (including the fabricated intent of ‘partnership’), 3 Waters, Maori Health Authority, TVNZ & RNZ merger, speed limit reductions, removal of public vote on Maori health wards, proliferation of Maori names, The Three Strikes Repeal Bill, fair pay agreement and income insurance scheme. Even when most of these were released under stealth tactics (and most only consulted with Maori – especially constitutional transformation), they disguised the impact of change under a mountain of spin, not what New Zealanders expected when Jacinda Ardern promised that she would run an open and transparent government.
  • Labours failed ideological projects like the unmitigated cluster of merging the most and least successful Polytech’s into one big sea of mediocrity which is haemorrhaging money and lost over half of its top staff, cycle harbour bridge that didn’t deliver anything with more than $51 million spent on it, the bright-line test extension that didn’t slow house price inflation, the clean car discount to the most wealthy to buy an electric car, the Plain Language Act police, the fart tax to put one in 5 farms out of business, banning using NZ coal to use records amounts of imported dirty Indonesian coal, public interest journalism fund where the public has no interest in seeing extortion used by having to promote the unofficial Te Tiriti o Waitangi agenda & falsehoods in order to get funding, the new history curriculum that divides New Zealanders into victims and villains, shutting down charter schools while school attendance rates have plummeted, cost of living payments to foreigners and dead people, preventing immigration while businesses fail due to staff shortages etc. And that’s before you get to the Covid handling abomination – slowest in OECD to get the vaccines causing unnecessary extension to expensive lockdowns, MIQ lottery & debt, leaked private records, tracing failures & millions spent on Covid app Blue tooth tracking then never used, PCR testing meltdown, slowest in OECD to get RAT tests then confiscated private business imports of them, ‘short & sharp’ lockdown imprisoning Aucklanders for 4 months, saying would never mandate the vaccine then mandating it & persecutions etc.

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